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    This is what 5 lbs of muscle looks like vs 5 lbs of fat. So don’t focus on your weight. Focus on what you’re made of.

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  3. Work smarter…not harder!

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    Cold brew coffee, milk, cream, raw turbinado sugar and ice.

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  5. Reblog if running changed your life.


  6. Job Updates

    Medic Ambulance: Got hired! Officially gonna be on an ambulance now. I’m gonna be working Solano county which covers Vallejo, Benicia, Fairfield, Suisun, Cordelia, and Dixon.

    Richmond Fire: Got an 89.29/100 on my interview but they don’t have any immediate openings. However, I will be put on an employment list and from what I heard they should be hiring within the year. The letter said I would be contacted when openings occur.

    Sac Metro Fire: I passed the exam but unfortunately my score wasn’t in the top percentage. So no interview =/ Oh wells

    Alameda Fire: Applied but still waiting to hear what the next process is!

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    I need this show back on air

    This show was fucking gold

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    real talk this guy should have won, he’s amaaazzinggg

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  12. Job Updates

    Richmond Fire: Still haven’t heard back. (Said I would find out by the 29th)

    Alameda Fire: Application Sent

    Sac Metro Fire: Took their EMT Exam 2 days ago and the exam wasn’t too bad. I should hear back from them by next week to see if I move onto an Oral interview.

    Medic Ambulance: Have an interview with them tomorrow!

    I should hopefully have a job by the end of the month! ahh